Udvardy György pécsi megyéspüspök (Fotó: Kalmár Lajos)

Welcome to the website of the Bishopric of Pécs. The bishopric boasts several buildings and assets from the past that we consider a public treasure, which we would like to share with others, with you. These are not just buildings, works of art, and cultural resources but also people who, in their own time, set out to do their best for God and the community.

These values unfolding in front of us are closely related to the life and faith of the creative minds of their time. Human meets human: your open-mindedness and inquisitiveness – through cultural treasures and assets – intertwine with the beliefs and decisions of others. I, too, visit and walk along these scenes with pleasure and humbleness. I am always touched by the bravery of the people of bygone days: the courage that inspired them to dream big, to create values pointing to the future. A church, a school, a community space are not about the past but the future. It is this future we invite you to: a future full of hope received from God. A future He has bestowed upon us.

György Udvardy
Diocesan Bishop


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Máriagyűdi Ifjúsági Találkozó:
2022. 07. 01. - 2022. 07. 03.

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