The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Gyertyaszentelő Boldogasszony) in the city centre of Pécs is an unequalled Ottoman monument of our country, the most important example of Turkish-Islamic architecture in Hungary. A pleasant, greenish-yellow light illuminates the church’s interior through the hive patterned, arched windows.

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You can admire the finely decorated mihrab (praying niche), which faces Mecca and you can also discover some calligraphic lines from the Koran scattered on the walls. Right next to the vestry, there are two vessels that had previously been used in the bath of Pasha Gazi Kassim and now serve as containers for holy water. Visitors can wander around this enchanting building where the East meets the West, this sacred place where different religions interact, by using modern equipment, exciting interactive elements and animations. Thus, in the church that is considered to be the symbol of Pécs, we can get acquainted with the history of the edifice and its changing appearance throughout the past.


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