The recently completely renewed and beautified Rose Garden, located near the Cathedral of Pécs, next to the Pécs Diocesan Library, was opened to the public on 20 August 2022 by László Felföldi, Bishop of Pécs.

The history of the area of the Rose garden dates back to the late Roman period, but for the residents of Pécs it is more reminiscent of the popular restaurant with music and dance 'Rózsakert Vendéglő', which operated in the city centre between 1954 and 2010. After the Second World War, the Diocese of Pécs leased the property and the tenant set up a wine bar in the garden building. The restaurant was open until 2010, when it was renovated and reopened as an English park reminiscent of the original garden. During the renovation work, the interior of the cella trichora, or three-cell cemetery building, was revealed, presenting the history of the area dating back to Roman times. In keeping with the garden's name, the rose species planted were chosen on the basis of historical documentation: the garden includes woody peonies, hollyhocks, rose hips and labdanum.

Today the garden is a place of cultivated relaxation and nostalgia, which is open to visitors during opening hours through the gift shop at 10 Janus Pannonius Street.



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